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Welcome to LAPA - the first searchable online database of Latin American repertoire dedicated solely to the piano.

This website is our homage to the Latin American piano. Latin American art music as a whole owes much to the European tradition, and its piano repertoire is vast - yet it is rarely heard or performed in Europe. Through this website we aim to disseminate information about Latin American composers and their piano repertoire in particular in the hope of stimulating further publication and performance.

We have put together this website with the performer in mind. Trying to find out about Latin American composers and their compositions can be difficult verging on impossible, to say nothing of ascertaining how they sound or how to obtain the scores. Within these pages you can:

  • View comprehensive composer listings for the whole sub-continent
  • Learn more about the background to the music
  • Find links to publishers and record labels
  • Consult our bibliography for suggested further reading

This online resource is designed for debutants and seasoned Latin Americanists alike: if you are yet to be acquainted with the 'classical' music of this extraordinary sub-continent, prepare for an awakening; but we hope that even aficionados will discover something new. There's a whole (sub)continent of music out there waiting to be discovered, so enjoy!

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