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DVD Shrink AutoplayArrow

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You know that Autoplay windows that pops-up everytime you insert a DVD (or CD) in your drive?!
Well, thanks to keredin and his little registry "hack", you can add a new option to it.
DVD Shrink autoplay
To add this option to your autoplay window, follow the steps below:
  1. Download this file, and unzip it.
  2. Right-click on the included "DVDShrink_Autoplay.reg" file and choose "Edit" from the context-menu.
  3. Change the following value (in blue) to whatever you want it to say.
    • "Action"="Shrink it!"
  4. If you installed DVD Shrink in the default "C:\\Program Files\DVD Shrink\" folder, skip this step.
    If not, change the following values (in red) to the correct path.
    • "DefaultIcon"="\"C:\\Program Files\\DVD Shrink\\DVD Shrink 3.2.exe\",0"
    • @="\"C:\\Program Files\\DVD Shrink\\DVD Shrink 3.2.exe\"%1"

    For compatibility reasons, use double-backslashes in the paths (underlined).

    Example: I have installed DVD Shrink in my "F:\Program Files\Video Tools\DVDShrink 3.2" folder.
    The two values in red were changed to:
    • "DefaultIcon"="\"F:\\Program Files\\Video Tools\\DVD Shrink 3.2\\DVD Shrink 3.2.exe\",0"
    • @="\"F:\\Program Files\\Video Tools\\DVD Shrink 3.2\\DVD Shrink 3.2.exe\"%1"
  5. Save the file, making sure to keep the ".reg" extension.
  6. Double-click it to add the hack to your registry.

This modification is pretty safe, but, to quote keredin:

WARNING: as with any registry change, you should back up your registry before applying this.
Use at your own risk. You've been warned..

All the best, and "Happy Shrinking!!" Smilies shrinks a DVD
Denis (a.k.a ddlooping)

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