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Please send your submissions or requests to "goodies (at) dvdshrink (dot) info".

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Title Replacements
Starting with v3.2, DVD Shrink enables you to replace any title by a still image.
When applied to bonus features, extras,..., this can save a considerable amount of space.
The following page contains images you can use in place of the default one. >> Title Replacements
Fancy changing the DVD Shrink toolbar? Check the following page. >> Toolbars page
(this page contains quite a lot of graphics and could take a while to load)
DVD Shrink allows you to select the sound of your choice to alert you when the backup process is complete.
The following page contains a few you might find interesting. >> Sounds page
If you had a look at the DVD Shrink guides, you probably know it enables you to "split" a movie to two DVD±R.
The following page contains 5-10 seconds "inserts" you can use when re-authoring. >> Inserts page
Thanks to keredin, this little registry "hack" adds DVD Shrink to the Windows autoplay options. Thumbs-up
Please check the following page for more info. >> DVD Shrink autoplay
Asus eeePC Wallpapers
Some wallpapers (800x480) for your Asus eeePC or similar Ultra Mobile PC.
I know the Asus eeePC has nothing to do with DVDShrink, but it's such a cool gizmo who cares!?
>> Asus eeePC Walpapers
"Run-in" DVDs
A looping six minute succession of red, green, blue and grey images, in 16:9 DVD-Video format, that can be used to speed-up the "run-in" of viewing equipement (i.e by playing it overnight).

DVD-Video files:  >> NTSC version (108kb)     >> PAL version(129kb)
ISO image:  >> NTSC version (96.9kb)     >> PAL version(254kb)
Movie Collector templates
Are you a "Movie Collector" user? If yes you will find some templates on the following page.
>> Movie Collector templates page

All the best, and "Happy Shrinking!!" Smilies shrinks a DVD
Denis (a.k.a ddlooping)

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