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This section contains all the guides you need to successfully create backups of your DVDs.
Please follow the "Fair-Use" policy that applies to your country and make sure you have the legal right to do so.

From "ripping" your original DVDs to burning your backups to DVD±R(W), including some advanced editing/authoring with DVD Shrink.

"Full-disk" "Re-author" DVD Shrink "Tours" burning ripping

"Full-Disk"back to top

DVD Shrink "Full-Disk" mode enables you to keep the structure of the original DVD intact.
You can still apply different levels of compression to each title (menus, movie, extras), and deselect audio/subpicture streams.

  DVD Shrink v3.1.x

"Re-author"back to top

DVD Shrink "Re-author" mode is simple to use, yet very flexible and powerful.
It enables you to make "movie-only", "movie+extras" backups, compilations, "Split" a DVD.
Its only drawback is the loss of the menus.

  DVD Shrink v3.2

  • "Still Image": shows one of the numerous uses of this compression setting
    In this case, how to add (and create) a "Please Insert Disc 2" end-title to a compilation. (new)

  DVD Shrink v3.1.x

  • Basic guide: an introduction to using DVD Shrink v3.1.x "Re-author" mode.
    Includes making a simple compilation.
  • Intermediate guide: a slightly more advanced v3.1.x guide.
    Includes making a simple compilation and using the "Start/End" feature.
  • "Compilation" guide: how to "compile" titles from different DVDs. (new)
  • "Forced" subtitles: how to identify and set subpictures (subtitles) to be displayed automatically. (updated)

  DVD Shrink v3.0b5

  • Basic guide: how to backup a DVD, omitting all Extras and Menus.
  • Advanced guide: making compilations / combining double-sided DVDs.
  • "Mixed-compression": applying various levels of compression to one title.
    This can be used to apply "Still Pictures" to end-credits, or no compression to very demanding scenes.

  DVD Shrink v2.3

DVD Shrink "Virtual Tours"back to top

Virtual tours of DVD Shrink interface, including in-depth looks at its menus.

  DVD Shrink v3.1.x

Burningback to top

Once you have "shrunk" the DVD you want to backup, you will need a burning software to write it to a DVD±R(W).
Here are guides for some of them (more to come).

  • burnatonce (BAO): burning to DVD-R(W) guide, using the "DVD-Video" mastering mode.
    Please be aware burnatonce does not support burning to DVD+R(W)
  • Nero Burning Rom: burning to DVD±R(W) guide using the "DVD-Video" mode.
  • Nero Burning Rom: burning to DVD±R(W) guide using the "UDF/ISO" mode.

Rippingback to top

Once in a while, DVD Shrink might not be able to decrypt and/or rip a particular DVD.
In these rare cases, using ImgBurn or DVDFab Decrypter usually solves the problem.

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